India – October 18

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Written on: Saturday, 18th October 2014
The last two days were spent in doing workshops for district pastors of the BELC. Ed, Matt, Vanessa and I traveled about a two-hour train journey west of Chennai. I was drowsy on the train but didn’t dare sleep for fear I’d miss something fascinating. But everything here is fascinating. Here are a couple of boys who were playing on the . . . read more

The Invisible Hand

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Written on: Friday, 17th October 2014
The Invisible Hand Oct. 16, 2014 In the study of economics I think it was Adam Smith who first coined the term ‘the invisible hand’ which referred to the operation of the market with thousands and thousands of decisions made to buy and sell, in demand and supply. The point is that no government or Read More . . . read more

India – Oct 17

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Written on: Thursday, 16th October 2014
Today was a day to catch up on sleep and get some shopping done.  Across from Ed and Janet’s apt is a tiny business that presses clothing. That’s all they do, and they’re good at it. The irons weigh 15 pounds. Here’s Janice sharing pictures of her new grandson with the ironing guy’s mother. Green coconuts are . . . read more

October 16 Reprise – even more pictures

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Written on: Wednesday, 15th October 2014
FINALLY, here are some of the nicer pictures off my real camera. One thing that immediately strikes the eye about India are the vivid colors – bright blue and pink houses, gorgeous clothing especially on women. More sidesaddle scooter riding.As the traffic becomes more terrifying, the drivers become more nonchalant. Here are a couple of . . . read more

India – Oct 16

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Have been unable to upload photos from my good camera for a couple of days, so here are a few from my cell phone. Many women ride sidesaddle on their husband’s motorcycles. Kids, too – sometimes wife and two kids. No helmets. Mom and two kids on a pedal rickshaw. Hitching a ride on the back of a truck. The truck, btw, is about the . . . read more

India – Oct 9

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Written on: Saturday, 11th October 2014
Jyothi getting organized for the last day of conference. Another sultry day in Nellore. High of 95° A Hindu shrine next door to our hotel. The conference concluded with a communion service and a group picture. Next year at Hyderabad. …then plunge back into traffic and head north for Ongole. The flat plains almost look like North . . . read more

India – Oct 8

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Written on: Wednesday, 8th October 2014
Blogging from WordPress now on my android phone, so info will be brief. More detail when I get back a keyboard (thank goodness for Swype, anyway!) Monday afternoon set out by train from Chennai to Nellore. My admiration for Ed & Janice increases tenfold with every passing day – they’re incredible! Train travel . . . read more

Celebrating the Reformation

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Written on: Thursday, 2nd October 2014
From the Field Oct. 2, 2014 This month yet again we commemorate what God did through the Lutheran Reformation. What better way to celebrate God’s work of restoring to the church so many basic truths of His Word than to preach and teach these? We did just that at Grebenhain, Germany on Aug. 29-31, when Read More . . . read more

Brothers Together in Unity

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Written on: Friday, 19th September 2014
From the Field September 19, ’14 How pleasant and how fair for brothers to dwell together in unity. Ps. 133:1 Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Pastor Jean Pierre Blanchard and his wife Catharine in Athis Mons south of Paris. Though many miles and a great ocean separate us, we are united in our Read More . . . read more

Down the Switchback

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Written on: Monday, 8th September 2014
From the Field September 5, 2014 There arises a question in working overseas whether the missionary should drive himself or hire drivers. One concern is what kind of liability would be involved if there was an accident and even if someone were killed in an accident. In our first term in Nigeria both my wife Read More . . . read more

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