“Clinically Progressing Satisfactorily”

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Written on: Saturday, 25th March 2017
That’s what the doctor wrote in the notes from my 4-week follow-up today. I was hoping that the range of motion would be increased from 60º to 90º but we are waiting another 2 weeks for that. The important thing is for me not to twist my lower leg at all (as that is what produced the injury in the first place) so that the meniscus is able . . . read more
Before you read excerpts of a report below ponder and pray on these things. •In Laos with a population of 6.9 million there are perhaps 150,000 Christians. The government is against Christianity and yet there is growth of the church there. The government is still Communist. •In Vietnam 1% of the people are Protestant and Read More . . . read more

Back on my feet… for 10 minutes every 2 hours

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Written on: Thursday, 16th March 2017
Last Saturday I had a 10-day followup. The orthopedic surgeon removed the stitches. He said there is no fluid in my knee, which is good. I took the bandage off Monday and have three small scars that look like two eyes and a nose on my knee. Sam Rodebaugh suggested I draw a mouth to complete the smiley face. My brace has been bumped up to 60º and . . . read more
What a delight to read and see of the graduation lead by Pastors Kossi and Ohlmann in Lome, Togo and know these graduates will also be workers together with God! And what a further delight to learn that the CLC Bd. of Doctrine has recommended to the CLC President that fellowship be recognized with Grace Read More . . . read more

Graduation in Togo

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Written on: Tuesday, 7th March 2017
Mission Evangelique Lutherienne de Confession du TogoMt. Horeb Lutherienne Bible Institute Graduation Service05 MAR 2017My words always seem to fall so short and seem so inadequate to capture and relay the things I experience in life. The only words that come to mind as I try to explain the MELC Mt. Horeb Lutheran Bible Institute graduation this . . . read more

Finishing Up in Togo…

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Written on: Saturday, 4th March 2017
It\'s Saturday morning here in Lome, Togo. I have a day off as Pastor Kossi and the others spend today making preparations for the worship service and graduation ceremony tomorrow. After I catch up on email, report writing, and my laundry, later this afternoon/evening I plan to take a taxi to the beach here in Lome to see the beach at sunset and . . . read more

Out of commission

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On Friday, Feb 24 I twisted my left knee and felt a sharp pain. It didn’t go away, so I went to the hospital to see an orthopedic surgeon. After poking and prodding, he said that I had probably torn my meniscus. As it was too late in the day to get an MRI, he told me to come back and have one in the morning. I came back in the morning for the . . . read more

From the Field – Northern Nigeria Part 2 – Feb. 27, 2017

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Written on: Sunday, 26th February 2017
Working with our brethren in the Nigerian Church of the Lutheran Confession we attempted to have a mission in northern Nigeria. When we lived in Nigeria the NCLC sent a missionary up to the North. But it was not easy for him. He knew Hausa, which was the language of the dominant tribe. He had Read More . . . read more

Sent to Togo…

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Written on: Tuesday, 21st February 2017
My first stop will be Togo...My primary role closely reflects the priorities of our CLC foreign mission program. Namely, the training and on-going encouragement of pastors and students to be faithful preachers and teachers of God\'s saving word. In Togo and Ghana, I am picking up where Missionary Matt Ude left off from the work that he picked . . . read more

Sent to West Africa…

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Written on: Sunday, 19th February 2017
Tomorrow I leave on the first of many trips overseas to visit, train, and encourage fellow pastors as we all strive together to be faithful preachers and teachers of God\'s saving word.This first trip will take me to the West African countries of Togo and Nigeria with possible visits to Ghana and Benin as time permits. I have been reminded of . . . read more

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