Thailand 2016

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Written on: Sunday, 12th June 2016
From the Field June 12, ’16 This is part of a report from Mark Bohde on his recent (March) trip to Thailand. While the CLC no longer is doing outreach in Thailand, we are interested as we did previously work there. Mark is doing independent mission work. The most recent development beyond his report is Read More . . . read more

The Religion of Love Pt. 2

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Written on: Tuesday, 31st May 2016
From the Field May 31,’16 God’s Love in the Qur’an (Koran) (Taken from KITAB No.25-Feb. 2001) Two things are essential when Christians think about the relationship of the gospel to Islam. One is a thorough knowledge of the gospel. The other is a fair and accurate understanding of the teaching of Islam. The New Testament Read More . . . read more

Aliens and Strangers

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Written on: Saturday, 28th May 2016
I really like India! When I first arrived, I felt like I was home. Since my arrival, however, a number of things have dampened that feeling. When you check into a hotel, you have to fill out a form giving your passport information, date you arrived in India, purpose of your visit, and other personal information. The hotel also is required to make . . . read more

Jayalalithaa’s fans win her enough fans

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Written on: Saturday, 21st May 2016
The election count is over; it is now safe to move around the state.  Jayalathaa, the incumbent, bucked a 32-year-old trend where the incumbent is replaced every 5 years (usually to return in the next election) and won a consecutive second term. When I left for the pastoral training in the Puttur district yesterday, I noticed that my apartment . . . read more

What is the religion of love? Part 1

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Written on: Monday, 16th May 2016
From the Field May 16, ’16 Sometimes we hear the unenlightened say that Islam is a religion of love. These people either have not read much in the Koran or are, I am sorry to say, simply lying. Just consider the following from Islam’s own holy book. Islam teaches: Sura 4:101 – are the Read More . . . read more

Laying Low for the Election

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Written on: Sunday, 15th May 2016
Tomorrow (May 16) is election day in Tamil Nadu (where I am staying). The Chief Minister and the Legislative Assembly will be voted on. You can read more here. J Jayalalithaa is the incumbent Chief Minister. She is a former actress and has served as prime minister of Tamil Nadu for a number of years (from 1991 to 1996, in 2001, from 2002 to 2006, . . . read more

Pentecost is Approaching – May 15th

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Written on: Tuesday, 3rd May 2016
From the Field May 3, ’16 Pentecost Celebration It is a sad commentary that among some Christian churches, the big thing about Pentecost seems to be the miracles: sound of a mighty rushing wind, tongues of fire over the heads of apostles, and speaking in tongues. This year as with every year we celebrate Pentecost Read More . . . read more

Dealing with the Tower of Babel

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Written on: Sunday, 24th April 2016
One of the things that makes India unique is that there are 23 constitutionally recognized official languages. Each state (almost) has its own language and each language has its own writing system (script). In addition, there are many tribal languages. The BELC works in the northern part of Tamil Nadu (a Tamil-speaking state) and the southern . . . read more

France and Germany Upcoming

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Written on: Thursday, 21st April 2016
From the Field April 20, ’16 The CLC Mission Board has approved my going to France and Germany some time after the June CLC Convention. My trips in 2013 and 2014 were assisted by my friend Pastor Horst Gutsche, who acted in the capacity of translator and tour guide. In addition to CLC members who Read More . . . read more
The Apostle Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 4:7 that we carry “in jars of clay” the treasure of the good news that Jesus has paid for all of our sins and the sins of the whole world, reconciled us to God, and earned us a home in heaven. This fact was sadly illustrated this past Friday at the BELC district chairmen’s meeting where I . . . read more

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