Liberia Update 2

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Written on: Tuesday, 17th November 2015
From the Field Nov. 17, ’15 On Oct. 16th you were sent the ‘Liberia Update’ and now part two. I was pleased to be able to help Pastor Hein and his member Alvin Jask in Monrovia, Liberia last week doing exploratory mission work. One thing we did was conduct a seminar from 9-4 for three Read More . . . read more

Let us Celebrate the Lutheran Reformation

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Written on: Thursday, 29th October 2015
From the Field October 31, ’15 Our Name – We call ourselves in our synod the Church of the Lutheran Confession. Traditionally we say we are the Evangelical Lutheran Church. In my personal name I have a surname and then to further define me I have a first and a middle name. This is how Read More . . . read more

From the Field – Oct. 16, ’15 – Liberia Update

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Written on: Friday, 16th October 2015
Liberia Update In 2010 Alvin Jask from Liberia was baptized as an adult and professed his Christian faith according to what we believe and teach from the Bible here at Grace Lutheran Church in Fridley, MN. Since then others from his family originally from Liberia have also joined us. One of his nephews is now Read More . . . read more

Crown of Glory Lutheran Church – Ghana

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Written on: Friday, 2nd October 2015
From the Field Oct. 2, ’15 As I entered and left Nigeria it was a simple matter to stop in Lome, Togo or Accra, Ghana to have studies with interested persons. Gideon Abussah began a study with me on our Lutheran teachings. As we studied he became convinced from the Word of God, for instance Read More . . . read more

German Free Conference and Outreach

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Written on: Sunday, 20th September 2015
From the Field September 20, ’15 Last year at the end of August the CLC sponsored a free conference in Grebenhain, Germany. This year we did the same. A free conference does not have fellowship practiced since those coming do not necessarily agree on Scripture. A free conference does seek to have agreement as different Read More . . . read more


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Written on: Sunday, 6th September 2015
From the Field September 6,’15 In 1999 Elinore Gbedey, a CLC member of Peace thru Christ, Middleton, WI, was returning to the USA from teaching in the country of Benin. She came through Lome, Togo to visit there, since she is married to a Togolese. While in Lome, she came across a Lutheran, Mike, and Read More . . . read more

Out of Africa

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Written on: Monday, 24th August 2015
From the Field August 24, ’15 While our sister church in Etago, Kenya has seven congregations with over 500 members, that is not the total picture. What follows are my notes as we visited congregations on one trip. Many of these were not in fellowship with us, but gave us the opportunity to teach them Read More . . . read more

BELC Ambur District Visitation

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Written on: Thursday, 13th August 2015
From the Field August 14, ’15 There are fourteen men preaching in this district. In eight of the villages they serve there is no other Christian church. This is important in our considerations as we want to be like Paul preaching where Christ is not known. Half of the men came out of another Lutheran Read More . . . read more

A Togolese Wedding

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Written on: Friday, 31st July 2015
  First we all meet outside the house of the bride with the groom and the grooms family. It was not a large group. The groom, his immediate family, Pastor Kossi, and a few friends. We rang the bell and entered the house of the bride where we meet with bride’s parents. The parents of the bride and the parents of the groom talked . . . read more

Learning Lessons in Ponneri Dist. Visitation (BELC)

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Written on: Thursday, 30th July 2015
From the Field July 30, ’15 Thangavel is a pastor in the BELC and a grade school teacher. For the new Ponneri District of fifteen men he has given over his upstairs as a monthly meeting place for the men. This is the kind of generosity we want in the church. Lesson – Do good Read More . . . read more

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Matthew Ude

Pastor Matthew Ude serves as missionary in India, as well as periodically visiting Nepal and Nigeria.

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Todd Ohlmann

Pastor Ohlmann serves Faith Lutheran Church in the St. Louis, MO area and is also the chairman of the CLC Board of Missions. He leads short-term Mission Helper Trips to India, Nepal, and East Africa.

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Nathanael Mayhew

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Michael Gurath

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Dave Koenig

Missionary David Koenig served his Lord for many years in numerous overseas locations including Nigeria and India. Now semi-retired he continues to serve with regular overseas trips to Myanmar.

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