Jinsi Wewe Ulivyo Mkuu – Anna Gurath, Team Kenya

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Written on: Sunday, 5th July 2015
Hello from Matunda! Today we had church, which lasted for about 4 hours but I wouldn't have had it any other way! Eric (Sagala) picked us up from the Tabasamu Hotel (tabasam = smile) and I FINALLY got to see Holy Cross Emmaus Milimani in person! After years and years of being around Holy Cross Phoenix and seeing the continued success of the . . . read more
Hey y'all. Life is good here in Zambia. We are actually in a very big city so life doesn't seem so much different from America... that is until you get to the remote villages. We have been staying at the Gossner Mission House with our German host, Wolfgang. So far we have taught around 465 kids; all of the schools have been entirely . . . read more

Lydia- Team Zambia

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Team Zambia has been doing well our first few days of traveling, first in Dubai and now in Lusaka, Zambia. We have had the privilege of teaching to 5 schools already and worshiping with several congregations. The Lord has surely blessed our trip! . . . read more

3rd of July with the Masai

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Written on: Saturday, 4th July 2015
Jambo, everyone! This is Jess (Schaller) reporting today for Team Tanzania! We're all in good health and enjoying our time here in the Arusha area! Yesterday (Thursday, July 3) started out on a delicious note- Africa Pancakes and Fresh Bananas! It's crazy how much tastier fresh bananas are compared to what we eat in America. Sorry mom, . . . read more

Team Zambia Checking In

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Written on: Friday, 3rd July 2015
The Mission Helpers to Zambia arrived safely a couple of days ago. Once we left the airport we have been without internet access until today (Friday).We\'ve spent the past couple of days teaching several hundred children ranging is ages from 5-20. Pastor Ibrahim made arrangements for us to visit and teach in several community schools in the . . . read more

Sam From Team Tanzania (July 1-2) – Teaching in Arusha

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Written on: Thursday, 2nd July 2015
Jambo!Africa is incredible! It's nothing like you would imagine with green everywhere to be seen from banana trees and coffee plants (I still don't honestly know if it's a tall bush or a short tree. They've looked like both to me.) to cabbage and corn it's all so lush and vibrant! For our first two days here in Africa . . . read more

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